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. >> life support as they scramble to repair by the end of the month deadline. can the obama administration recover from the damage already inflicted by the rough rollout? >> whether you like the model of obama care or not, the fact that the president sold it on a basis that was not true has undermined the foundation of his second term. i think it's rotting it away. >> double down. they changed the game with political tell-all that went behind the scenes with 2008 election. mark halperin back with latest insider scoop that's already shaking up the political landscape. they will noin me to share some of the most revealing moments of the 2012 white house including fallout inside team obama after this first debate performance rocked the campaign on its heals. >> take it and go to congress, fight for it. >> that's what we've done. made some adjustments and we're putting it before -- >> you've been president four years. you've been president four years. >> good monday to you. hope you had a great weekend. i'm kristen welker in for andrea mitchell. a billion dollar presidential cam
press" which first broke this story, obama administration has been in secret back channel talks for many months. at least five high-level meetings have taken place since march paving the way forth agreement signed in geneva. joining me deputy security adviser. thank you for being with us today. tell me about back channel talks. they were done without most of our allies knowing, certainly without israel knowing and saudis. what was the reason for these secret negotiations? >> andrea, we've said all along that we would welcome opportunities to have direct contact with iran. over the years whether it's at the united nations through ambassador and other conversations. we said we prepared to have bilateral discussions. any contacts we had did not turn into anything that amounted to negotiations or discussions in substance until the last couple of months. we made it very clear to our partners in europe and the p5 plus 1 as well as israel that if at any point any contacts we had with iran actually turned into substantive discussions and/or negotiations they would be fully informed. indeed that'
down to the wire because of obama care. that message will go out across america tonight. >> at a time when washington was often broken, just think about what virginia has been able to accomplish when we work together. >> round two, hhs secretary kathleen sebelius is back on capitol hill tampering expectations, admitting the tech team faces an uphill battle to meet its end of the month deadline to fix the health care site. but the problems go beyond the glitches. the president's broken promise if you like your plan, you can keep it, continues to haunt the white house. >> i'd just like to ask you a simple true or false question. is that statement on the white house website true or is it false? >> sir, i think the statement is -- >> is it true or is it false? >>> and good day, everyone. i'm kristen welker in for andrea mitchell. both republicans and democrats woke up this morning with a win to brag about, but what do the victories by chris christie and terry mcauliffe mean for political battles around the corner? joining me now for our daily fix, chris cillizza and "washington post" edit
from voting on the upton bill that will allow insurers to continue to sell plans that do not beat obama care standards. what can the president do to calm his caucus. we'll ask bob casey and joe crowley. the obama care mess given opposition rivals present and past. >> it's dishonest. what starts twisted stays twisted. live report from the philippines where hundreds waiting at the tacloban airport for safety. bringing food, water, supplies to survivors growing more desperate by the day. >> we're in a little village. these ospreys come in loaded with aid, food. there's police and local emergency workers here. look at this crowd assembled around here. >> the bat signal. thousands of volunteers have come out to transform san francisco to gotham city and turn this 5-year-old into a real superhero. >>> good day i'm andrea mitchell in washington where president obama is facing the biggest political crisis of his presidency. thursday's repeated apologies do not seem to have worked. david gregory, moderator of "meet the press" joins me now. this is crisis mode and apologies were extraordinary bec
. >> and the legacy lives on. 50 years after president kennedy first established the medal of freedom, president obama presented the awards to legends today from ernie banks to oprah winfrey and bill clinton. and moments from now we'll be going live to arlington national cemetery. president obama and former president clinton will lay a wreath at kennedy's grave, the eternal flame. and as we mark this anniversary of his death this week, robert mcneil and jim lair will be joining me, two legendary journalists who were there the moment the world stopped. >> president john f. kennedy died at approximately 1:00 central standard time today here in dallas. he died from a gunshot wound in the brain. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell on a very special day here in washington. at this hour, president obama is about to lay a wreath in honor of john f. kennedy at the eternal flame in arlington national cemetery. he'll be joined by first lady michelle obama, former president bill clinton, former secretary of state hillary clinton. 50 years ago this friday, a young vibrant president kennedy was gunned down in dallas
anybody, i'm voting for you. >> we'll dig deeper into that. also president obama will never be on another ticket but he says he's not done stumping yet. >> i have run my last political campaign. but i'll tell you what, i've got one morecambe pain in me. the campaign to make sure this law works for every single person in america. >> after a month of stumbles, president obama is trying a new tack to turn around public opinion of the glitch-filled website. marilyn tavenner who managed the rollout said fixes on track to have the site running smoothly by the end of the month deadline. will it be enough to convince users to log on again? >> i think it's very confusing. i know my time is up. i think it's very confusing about where you go. we hear about navigators. i can tell you people really don't know. >> a very happy election day to you. i'm kristen welker in for andrea mitchell. we're watching two big races on election day that could provide a blueprint for what to do and what not to do in major political contests to come. joining me for our daily fix chris cillizza, host of "
obama apologizes for making that promise that he couldn't keep, the much repeated vow, if you like your health care plan you can keep it. as the website fix faces an increasingly uphill battle, the president hinted at a possibility of what he called administration fixes to the health care law. we're going to dive into that and more with chuck todd's one-on-one interview with the president including how president obama ponded to the report that his 2012 campaign team considered taking joe biden off the ticket. >> when my back is up against the wall, he has my back. >> it's the economy. after a better than expected jobs report today, the president heads south to louisiana. we are going to take you there just moments from now he will be speaking at the port of new orleans. can he shift the focus from the government shutdown and rocky health care rollout and gain momentum on his economic message. again, we're going to take you there live. >> good friday to you. i'm peter alexander. again today from my friend andrea mitchell, president obama going on the record in an nbc exclusive with an ap
. president obama by announcing this administrative fix today has enabled us to make sure truly if you like your plan, any person who has a problem and is faced with a cancellation will be able to do that. at the end of the day we've got -- >> excuse me, though. that's only if the insurance company goes along with it. we're already hearing the insurance industry doesn't want to go along with it. there's no teeth by the administrative action. there's no requirement that the insurance companies have to provide these additional benefits, they simply have to notify people they are not getting the benefits. there's no requirement they renew these policies. >> i hear what you're saying. if you look at what was the case before the affordable care act became law, there was about a 50 to 67% of individual insurance policies that insurance companies changed or canceled every year on their own anyway. so now this is an opportunity to make sure that the vast majority of people are going to be able to keep their plan if they like it. also there is legislation out there that mary landrieu sponsored and w
% even among groups that were the most important to barack obama's white coalition. men, educated white men, college educated whites and folks out west and in the south. these were people that were par of the obama coalition along with african-americans that allowed them to get over the top. amongst those groups she's fine, much better position than eight years ago. chris christie, whole other story. all the conversation me and chris and everyone said, he's got problems with the more conservative wing of the party, that shows up in this poll, andrea. >> meanwhile, a lot of problems the white house is facing, chris cillizza, on health care. beginning to see that, democrats up for election, senate democrats very concerned about losing the senate because of obama care. a lot of talk they are not going to be able to get this website fixed. there is the policy problem where the president's promise was clearly not a fair, accurate promise. they had to know that going in. that was really revealed in chuck's interview with the president last week. >> the problem here, andrea, people always say
obama takes his health care pitch deep into the heart of texas right into senator cruz country. >> as challenging as it may seem sometimes, as frustrating at may be sometimes, we are going to get this done. >> but from capitol hill all the way to the country music awards, the health care hits just keep coming. ♪ obama care by morning ♪ why is this taking so long >> leading the charge kirsten gillibrand joining us live as she makes the final push to change the way military changes assault cases this as one heartbreaking testimony of his wife's ordeal shines a bright onlight on the uphill battle they face. >> it takes incredible strength to pull out of that nightmare. i'm lucky i married -- i'm lucky i married someone so strong she could do it, even if she still suffers and has never been the same. >> good day to you. i'm peter alexander. today for my friend andrea mitchell, the political pressure to get running smoothly isn't just felt by the president, many senate democrats staring down tough 2014 re-election sites they don't want it to sink th
, the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. a sharp contrast to what president obama and john kerry has been saying. joining me now is david cohen, in charge of the iran sanctions. thank you very much. i know this has been a long process, and congratulations are no o in order because many people say it was the sanctions you helped create that got iran to the bargaining table. the question from netanyahu and other critics on the hill is why take your foot off the accelerator now? why not, in fact, increase the sanctions to make sure that iran complies? >> thank you, andrea. good to be here. we are going to continue to enforce our sanctions, enforce our sanctions very vigorously. in this first-step deal, there is a very modest relief package that, you know, frankly the price for getting the iranians to halt their nuclear program, roll it back in significant respects, and agree to really intrusive inspections over this six-month period is very limited. it's very targeted. and it's entirely reversible. so we have allowed the iranians to have a little bit of additional commercial activity, a little bit
, can it refuse to follow the contraceptive part of the obama care, that says private insurance can companies must be provided that pays 100% of their contraceptive services. the court has agreed to take two cases, one involving a nationwide chain of arts and crafts stores called the hobby lobby owned by a religious family in oklahoma. they say requiring them to pr provide this contraceptive care for four types of contraception would amount to abortion, in their view, and violate their religious freedom. the second case is one from a e mennonite family that owns a woodworking company in pennsylvania and they make a similar claim. now the hobby lobby won in the court of appeals. the court of appeals said, yes, a for profit company does have religious freedom, but the mennonite company in pennsylvania lost in the appeals courts, so that's one of the reasons the supreme court is stepping in because the lower courts are divided on the question. the supreme court has never decided before, does a for profit company have the right to decline to observe a federal law based on their freedom
axelrod senior political analyst for nbc and served as adviser to president obama during the the first term and joins me now. couple of things to unpack there before i want to talk to you about the nuclear option. the afghanistan exit strategy. the president made very clear we're taking out combat troops by the end of 2014. if it turns out as richard engel and others are reporting in kabul that we're there years and years at nine locations that could be called bases. with billions more invested, most importantly american lives, what is the political import for the president? >> it's a tough issue. this country, as the president noted, is weary of war. there's a burden on the administration to demonstrate as secretary kerry suggested this is a limited engagement. now in terms of counter-terrorism, andrea, you know better than most there are real threats. a lot of threats emanate from that reason. there's reasons you need counter-terrorism forces there. the president has to balance responsibilities protecting americans, the real sentiment of the american people about being elsewhere in t
president obama. >> primary colors, governor chris christie takes to sunday morning television to declare himself an electable republican clearly looking at another race, a national race. >> judge me by my record. that i'm very, very comfortable with. all the labels, that's for the folks in washington, d.c. obviously they love playing that game. the people in america aren't interested in that game. given the approval ratings in washington, they have shown that. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. glad to be back with all of you. survivors in the philippines are picking through wreckage today just days after typhoon haiyan swept through the philippines destroying entire cities in its path. the storm came ashore early saturday morning as a category 5 typhoon, one of the strongest ever to make landfall. the military says 1,000 people are dead, confirmed dead, with officials estimating thousands more. three days after the storm, aid workers and military officials say they still have not been in contact or able to access some of the hardest-hit areas. nbc's ian williams joins me n
's a similar tactic in trying to get something out of the obama white house and administration. >> and this as, of course, was on trial today on the house side. another one of darrell issa's hearings. chris, when you look at this, and diane feinstein now coming out in favor of a fix that would fundamentally change the structure of the affordable care act, todd park, the i.t. guy on the firing seat today. take a look at congressman micah, referencing bill clinton and what bill clinton had to say yesterday in that interview about changing and living up to the promise. i think we have that, congressman micah mentioning clinton. >> yesterday we saw the former president of the united states bill clinton throw the current president under the bus so to speak on this issue. >> crocodile tears from the republicans about what bill clinton did to the president. >> andrea, you point out diane feinstein has signed on to this bill to allow people to keep their insurance if they so choose. there are now six democratic senators who have signed on. that includes usual suspects. huge targets in 2
, obama administration's fumbling is a good excuse to do nothing, gop, on immigration reform, budget agreement and any other initiative coming out of the white house. do you worry as someone who follows house gop politics quite closely that because you guys don't really have any substantial legislation moving forward for the rest of this year that all these gains you could make are going to go by the wayside january 15th and go back down to ted cruz mike lee rabbit hole that was so bad for your party last month? >> that was a loaded question there, luke. come on, we can walk and chew gum, too. we have passed a number of things out of the house. harry reid and democrats signaled they want nothing to do with, don't bring up legislation past the house. i passed a piece of legislation that senator obama, when he was senator sponsored. it's a good bipartisan piece of legislation that says federal contractors should not be able to get contracts if they haven't paid their federal taxes. they can't even seem to bring that up. no, look, we have a lot of things we've gotten done. when you have
odorshield with febreze. >>> welcome back. republicans see the obama administration website blunder as a big opening potentially for next year's midterms and possibly beyond. to make big strides in 2014 and 2016 gop has to close a big voting bloc, women. serving as deputy campaign manager for romney campaign, ann joins me now. what do you think the problem is? how would you diagnose the problem republicans have with women, especially after what we saw in the virginia gubernatorial, which was eminently winnable. terry mcauliffe was not a strong democratic candidate for virginia. >> i think there's a few problems republicans face. one is the democrats have become really, really effective at painting republicans with a really broad brush when it comes to women's reproductive issues. they fill the zone. that's all they really want to talk about, even though women tell us time and time again what they care most about is economy. they have become effective painting with broad brush. >> don't they do it themselves. >> there are candidates like ken cuccinelli that are imperfect. mitt romney
. kristen. >> andrea, i can tell you president obama was briefed on this shooting just a few moments a ago. we expect the white house to put out a statement shortly. typically he's briefed by his white house security monitor lisa monaco. jay carney will begin his briefing shortly. i anticipate he will get questions about the shooting. as you know, the president has been in office during a number of shootings. what typically happens, he gets briefed, updated through the the day as situations like this evolve. the latest from the white house is the president has been briefed. no reaction at this point in time. we anticipate we'll be getting more reaction from the white house within the hour. andrea. >> thanks so much, kristen. we'll bring all that to you live, jay carney when he does brief. they clearly at the white house will be waiting to hear definitively that the situation is under control and whether this was a sole shooter or not, the um in of people injured. they will not want to go out until they have a pretty good handle on it. the first information clearly will come from the white
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)